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The Israel Wind Turbine Center is a training center designed to certify technicians designated to work in wind farms managed by members of the GWO (World Wind Organization)

The center was built to allow the Israeli workforce to participate in the construction and maintenance of Israeli wind farms that are managed by multinational companies.

GWO was founded by leading players in the global wind industry. The purpose of the organization is to share information about risks and experience in order to create training standards that improve safety and create a competent workforce.

There are currently 3 wind farms in Israel (two on the Golan Heights and one on Mount Gilboa) The Israeli government has set itself the goal of moving away from fossil fuels, so by 2030, at least 30% of its energy production will originate from green energy, which includes, among others, wind energy. As a result, the government has allowed the construction of five more wind farms in Israel over the next 5 years. We believe these won’t be the last five…

According to GWO standards, any technician working in the area of a wind farm must be certified at least in the BST module. BST stands for Basic Safety Training and is composed of 4 subjects: First Aid, Fire Awareness, Manual Handling and Work at Heights. In the case of offshore (wind turbines at sea) there is a fifth theme: Sea Survival.

Maytar | Israeli Wind Turbine Center

New programs developed by GWO have been added to the BST (Basic Safety Training) program to increase the preventive culture in the wind sector workforce. Other programs have been incorporated into the general requirements of suppliers and customers in the sector such as:


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At the IWTC Center (Israel Wind Turbine Center), we have established a strategic alliance with one of the world’s leading training companies. By becoming a Total HSE Partner Center, we turned the IWTC center in Israel into a reference center in GWO accredited training for the entire region.

In October 2021 we start the implementation of innovative projects and incorporate the BST and ART programs into our portfolio of training internationally accredited by GWO under the partnership with Total HSE.

But our commitment does not stop there and we want to incorporate the new programs that are demanded by customers in the wind and industrial sector, such as BTT, EFA, SLS and BR.  Also, we will reinforce our proposal for programs with the international accreditation from IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association), the main entity of world reference in rope access training.

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